TMEA All-State Audition Materials

Explanation of practice materials

This page contains all the materials you need to have a successful experience with the TMEA All-State audition music. There are three media sections containing various files. To be successful, you will need to work with all the materials in each section, as each file serves a distinct and separate purpose.

Equally important as the materials, it is imperative that you begin working with these files immediately, taking each étude in small sections or chunks.  Begin with the practice recordings that present the music at the slowest tempo.

Do not try to play the études all the way through – not only does this process unproductive, it is actually detrimental as it reinforces small mistakes and errors resulting from the unaware neglect of the many details including, rhythmic accuracy, intonation, articulation, phrasing, dynamics (both written and implied), appropriate places to breathe, consistency of tone quality, and the evenness of rhythms and pulse.

The sections below contain the following types of materials:

  1. The three all-state études in pdf format.  Download them immediately!
  2. Practice recordings of each étude at a very slow tempo.  This is where you begin.
  3. Practice recordings of each étude at a moderately slow tempo.  Begin working with these files ONLY after you can play those in section #2 well.
  4. Piano accompaniment recordings at an acceptable performance tempo.
  5. Piano accompaniment recordings at a much faster performance tempo.  These are ONLY for those who REALLY have mastered the études.
  6. Performances of each étude by Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet, LA Philharmonic Orchestra

All-Region Etude #1

Trumpet only, slow tempo

All-Region Etude #2

Trumpet only, slow tempo

All-Region Etude #11

Trumpet only, slow tempo

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