Story of the Leadpipe Project

The Leadpipe Project

Until the conception of The Leadpipe Project, the production and sales of individual leadpipes (also referred to as a mouthpipe) has been exclusively for the purpose of customizing trumpets to improve performance. The majority of the companies that manufacture leadpipes are located in the United States, but there are also several in the United Kingdom.

Most of the major instrument manufacturers such as Bach (Conn-Selmer), Schilke, Edwards, Blackburn, Shires, and Yamaha, just to mention a few, also produce and sell leadpipes. The appropriate combination of the elements of the particular leadpipe, the type of mouthpiece, and performance qualities of the instrument is a critical concept for many professional musicians who thoughtfully pursue the most optimum quality of sound possible.

It can be a delicate balancing act that can potentially involve dozens, if not, hundreds, of scenarios. However, the exclusive purpose for the production and sales of the leadpipes by these companies is to allow the performer to choose the best combination of equipment that allows for the best possible tone quality, response, pitch, slotting accuracy possible.

The price of these major brand and custom leadpipes begin around $119.00 to $129.00 on the low end to several hundred dollars for the custom pipes.

Exclusive Distributor

The Leadpipe Project will be the exclusive distributor for the Eastman ETR420 leadpipe. Unlike the performance-improving goals of the major brand and custom pipes, the single goal of The Leadpipe Project is to sell the Eastman ETR420 leadpipe to two target audiences:

The serious performer or student who is interested in pursuing the most affective practices, methods, and tools designed to improve tone, intonation, or other performance aspects.
The dedicated instructor who seeks new and innovative pedagogical concepts, tools, and procedures that will promote improvement in their students.

The Leadpipe project promotes the use of this particular leadpipe for instructional use with all students, especially beginning trumpet students, and as a tool that will aid the serious musician/student with personal improvement.

Another fundamental aspect of The Leadpipe Project is to make it possible for those who are interested in the performance-improving and pedagogical concepts to purchase a new leadpipe of quality craftsmanship and construction, fresh from the production line, at a price that is not only significantly below the major brand’s prices, but also reasonable enough in price to be able to market to teachers and instructors in bundles for use in the classroom.

To see endorsements and specific exercise plans designed for the leadpipe, simply Google the words, “trumpet leadpipe, practice, instruction,” and other similar words and read through a few of the many papers and articles that have been posted on the internet by success, experienced educators and you will be an instant believer!

This leadpipe is very essentially the same pipe found on the Eastman ETR420 Bb trumpet.

With help from the design team at S.E. Shires and additional training in our Eastman factories, we use Shires techniques in our build, fit, and finish, producing very high quality products, even down to our student lines.

Leadpipe Design and Assembly
As with most leadpipes, the Eastman ETR420, is crafted in three sections:

Leadpipe Taper
Trumpet leadpipes tend to utilize one of two common bore types.  One type
of taper is a continuous taper that opens at a consistent rate from the small end of the pipe to the large end.  The second type of leadpipe taper has most of the taper “flare” in the first half of the leadpipe tube.

A slight taper continues through the second half of the pipe; however, the second half of the leadpipe is virtually straight as the flare ends about half way through the pipe. A very slight flare will continue; however, it is virtually straight and as the bore remains consist from the middle to the end of the leadpipe.

The Eastman Bore Size, Taper, & Materials
The bore measures .457″ at the point where the leadpipe meets the tuning slide outer receiving tube.  Utilizing the influence of the Shires tradition, this leadpipe incorporates a long, slow taper which typically produces brighter tone.

The mouthpiece receiver and venturi is crafted from yellow brass (alloy of copper and zinc) with a nickel-silver outer tuning slide receiver.  The machined receiver and drawn pipe are soft soldered together with the same craftsmanship and in the same tradition as the Shires custom line of trumpets.

Benefits of purchasing the Eastman Leadpipe from The Leadpipe Project include:

  • You are purchasing a quality item, beautifully crafted, for less than you will find anywhere.
  • The physical qualities of the leadpipe are commensurate with those of major and custom brand instruments. Similarities included, but are not limited to taper style, venturi, bore size, production process and materials, and the accuracy of pitch production.
  • As an educator, you will be placing a real leadpipe in a student’s hands, not plastic PVC or vinyl or medical tubing.
  • You will own an item that comes with a factory guarantee and is also built with the highest standards to allow for durability.
  • The Eastman leadpipe is perfect for the person who likes to warm up on the way to the gig or rehearsal.

Never again watch a beginner struggle as they attempt to buzz the mouthpiece alone. Using the leadpipe with the mouthpiece allows the beginner student to focus on one aspect of playing at a time—not holding the horn, correct hand position, appropriate breathing, embouchure formation—but rather on breathing in and exhaling a relaxed breath without creating tension in the face, neck, or other parts of the body.

The Eastman Warranty
All Eastman instruments (and most components) are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Standard Prices for Individual Leadpipes and Bundle Purchases
Leadpipes can be purchased individually for $50.00 each. Prices are discounted if leadpipes are purchased in bundles of 10, 20, or 30 leadpipes. The price breaks for bulk purchases are as follows:

10 – 19 Leadpipes Savings of 20% per pipe | Cost: $39.50 each 10 pc. Bundle Price: $395.00
20 – 29 Leadpipes Savings of 30% per pipe | Cost: $34.50 each 20 pc. Bundle Price: $699.00
30 + Leadpipes Savings of 40% per pipe | Cost: $30.97 each 30 pc. Bundle Price: $929.00