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Designed for Performance, Simplicity, and Affordability

MusicWorx was designed and built by a retired Texas music educator with over 30 years of teaching experience.  The concept behind the program is based on the following principals:

  1. It should be easy enough for anyone to be able to operate it regardless of their level of computer experience.
  2. It should offer more benefits and greater functionality than similar programs on the market.
  3. It should be operationally dependable and offer the user a level of flexibility to match their individual needs.
  4. It should be reasonably priced and be available in multiple versions.
  5. Utilizing feedback from customers and other users, there should be additional versions that increase functionality and ease of operation.
  6. User access to the developer to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements in future versions.
  7. Customer service and support that permits “face to face” contact between the user and the developer via screen share.

MusicWorx© Created Using FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is very powerful software that is used to create custom apps that work across iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac computers. Data can be imported into from other formats including .CSV and Microsoft Excel files.  MusicWorx Version 1.0 has been designed to operate cross-platform on any desktop or laptop computer. 

The FileMaker Pro App, Version 12 or Later Must be Installed on Your Computer to use MusicWorx .
The FileMaker Pro App is included with every subscription of MusicWorx.

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