Private Music Studio Management Software

MusicWorx is a software to manage all administrative tasks for your private music studio. With it, you can simplify your administrative tasks and always keep an overview on your schedule, contacts and invoices.

Designed for Performance, Simplicity, and Affordability

MusicWorx was designed and built by a retired Texas music educator with over 30 years of teaching experience.  The concept behind the program is based on the following principles:

  1. It should be easy enough for anyone to be able to operate it, regardless of their level of computer experience.
  2. It should offer more benefits and greater functionality than similar programs on the market.
  3. It should be operationally dependable and offer the user a level of flexibility to match their individual needs.
  4. It should be reasonably priced and be available in multiple versions.
  5. Utilizing feedback from customers and other users, there should be additional versions that increase functionality and ease of operation.
  6. User access to the developer to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements in future versions.
  7. Customer service and support that permits “face to face” contact between the user and the developer via screen share.
PT Office Works

MusicWorx created using FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a powerful software that is used to create custom apps that work across iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac computers. Data can be imported into from other formats, including CSV and Microsoft Excel files. MusicWorx  has been designed to operate cross-platform on Mac and Windows.


  • MusicWorx requires a recent copy of FileMaker Pro to run on your computer
  • The FileMaker Pro App is included with every subscription of MusicWorx.




  • Storage and management of district-campus data
  • Student data and an easy to operate lesson scheduling system
  • Auto-created calendars (monthly & weekly)
  • Convenient email system to communicate with students/parents and sending out invoices
  • A completely automatic system to store and calculate all financial aspects including billing/invoices preparation
  • Maintains and summarizes business-related expenses
  • Includes a layout to record expenses for the use of home for business purposes purposes
  • Possibly the coolest and easiest system to store, calculate, and report business mileage ever created!
  • Store other travel expenses such as air travel, hotels, & other miscellaneous expenses
  • A separate module to store monthly/yearly income to use to monitor finances or prepare tax returns
  • Includes a separate layout for non-lesson income such as masterclasses, consultation, & performance “gigs”


  • Fully automated, printable, reports that are automatically created and updated
  • Personal inventory database
  • Complete music library
  • Reports can be printed or downloaded in PDF format.

The Standard version does not include text message functionality, only email. Therefore, it does not require the Twilio plugin and does not need to be hosted on a server. You would operate it directly from your computer.




PTOW +Plus includes the same functionality and capability that is included in PTOW Standard, plus:

  • A private phone number to use for text messaging that is separate from your personal contact number
  • PTOW +Plus provides the ability to send unlimited text messages to students and/or parents; however, it does not support the receiving of text messages.  This version is designed, so users may have the ability to text students and parents, but do not need a response.
  • It is not necessary for this version to be hosted on a server.
  • Outgoing SMS texting capability is powered by “Twilio” (see below).




MusicWorx Pro includes the same features, functionality, and capabilities that are found in PTOW Standard and PTOW +Plus with the additional advantage of being hosted on a dedicated server, adding a list of digital upgrades including:

  • Daily program/file back ups performed daily
  • Safe and reliable FileMaker Cloud Database Hosting
  • SSL encryption provides the high-quality of security you need for your confidential information such as student/parent info and your financial data.
  • Off site storage provides an additional level of security and safety for your information.
  • Professional FileMaker Server Management


  • As with PTOW +Plus, Pro also comes with a private phone number to use for text messaging that is separate from your personal contact number.
  • Two-way SMS texting.  FileMaker Pro will send AND receive text messages as well as maintain a sorted database of both incoming and outgoing messages.

About Twilio

Some versions use Twilio as a messaging system. It is fully integrated in MusicWorx, depending on the version you purchase.

What is Twilio?

Twilio is the most popular and widely used API in the industry today. API stands for Application Program Interphase and you have probably used an API thousands of times without realizing it. API is essentially a set of protocols and tools for building application software. APIs are used widely in the world of communication. MusicWorx +Plus and MusicWorx Pro uses the Twilio API to send and receive text messages.

Why Do I Need Twilio?

Twilio is an API/Plugin that makes it possible for MusicWorx +Plus and Pro versions to send/receive text messages.  A Twilio account is required and customers select a phone number that each month for a private number that is used to send or send and receive text messages.

What Does Twilio Charge for Their Services?

If you choose one of the three versions that includes text messaging functionality, you will be issued a separate phone number that will be entered into your program.

It is impossible to receive calls on this number so don’t be concerned about telemarketers!  The cost is $1.00 per month for the phone number and .0027 cents for each text message sent or received.  That’s equivalent to 27 cents for every 100 text messages and $2.70 for every 1000 text messages sent and received.

Purchase product

Download trial version

Click the link below to download a free and  fully functional trial version with a limited time of running.

Download trial version

Excel templates for MusicWorx to prepare for import of your data

If you are currently using a database or spreadsheet program such as Excel, these empty template will allow  you to copy and paste your student’s data from the files you are currently using and upload them directly into MusicWorx with a single click!  If you are not currently using any type of computer program, you can enter your student’s data manually directly into MusicWorx or into the Excel templates for a single-click upload.   Click the link below to download the templates to your computer:

Download Excel

Important Updates for Trial Version

Your MusicWorx download may contain a single student record to serve as an example.  After uploading or entering your students manually, you should remember to delete this record.

To Answer the Following Questions:

  1. Entering Students Manually and display names in the schedule layout.
  2. Students and lesson data displaying in schedule layout.

Explanatory video: