Benny Davis will come during class, or after school if the director wants to combine the entire trumpet section into one large group, and will take the trumpets to an area that the director has prepared. There are two typical directions to go with.

Specific music

First, Mr. Davis may be asked to work on specific music – region music, concert music, marching music, etc. In this case, attention will be focused on getting as much accomplished with the group as possible in the time allowed–usually one to 1 and 1/2 hours. He will allow for time with the director(s) after the Masterclass to discuss what was covered, the improvements that were made, and what steps were taken to make those improvements. Mr. Davis will also discuss what he senses they will need to do to continue to improve.

Improvement of the individual

The second direction is geared more toward the improvement of the individual student as a musician. Mr. Davis will bring materials with him that will be appropriate for any level of player that he could possibly encounter. Benny Davis will focus on fundamentals, including appropriate tonal concepts, basic technique, the concept of efficiency in playing trumpet, and techniques to use when confronted with the typical roadblocks for trumpet players. He will also bring methods books to use, which will help them improve as musicians. He will discuss appropriate goals and how they can attain them.


Please contact me for more information. It’s always best to make a personal contact and ask your questions directly.