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Each version comes “bundled” with  FileMaker Pro 17.
The most popular database program in the world.


PT OfficeWorx Overview:

  1. *Student Mangament, Unlimited Students
  2. Simple Communication
    > Standard Version: Email
    > Plus Version: Email & Text Message (with Twilio)
  3. Maintains District & Campus Information
  4. Easy to Use Lesson Scheduling System
  5. Simple Customization of Length of Lessons & Times
  6. Attendance Module Monitors Lesson Attendance
  7. Auto-Produced Monthly & Weekly Calendars
  8. Simple Invoicing via Email
  9. Accepts Payments Online
  10. *Tracks & Calculates Travel Mileage
  11. Modifiable Maps Auto-Displays Schools, Routes, & Students
  12. *Auto-Calculates Lesson Income for the Year
  13. *Manages Non-Lesson Income-Performances, Judging, Master Classes, etc
  14. *Manages & Organizes Business Expenses
  15. *Manages & Organizes Personal Inventory
  16. Includes Container Files to Store Photos/Documents for Insurance
  17. *Manages & Organizes Monthly Home-Use Expenses
  18. Items with “*” Include Neatly Orgnized, Easy to Print Reports

PT OfficeWorx

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PT OfficeWorx

The Only Difference is the Ability to Use Email or Email & Text Messages!
(See Below)

I Am Confident in the Performance Capabilities of This New Program.  Ipad/Tablet Layouts are In Process Now!

If you should experience any issues with downloading the file, installation, or the website navigation, please contact me directly at

The Standard Version Allows You to
Write, Modify, Save, & Send Emails to
Parents & Students.




The Plus Version Allow You to
Send Emails Plus the Option to
Send Text Messages with the Aid
of the Twilio Plug-In

Choosing the Plus Version? You’ll Need Twilio! What is Twilio?

Twilio is the most popular and widely used API in the industry today.  API stands for Application Program Interphase and you have probably used an API thousands of times without realizing it.  API is essentially a set of protocols and tools for building application software.  APIs are used widely in the world of communication.  PT OfficeWorx +Plus and PT OfficeWorx Pro uses the Twilio API to send and receive text messages.

Why Do I Need Twilio?
(For Plus Version Only!)

Twilio makes it possible for PT OfficeWorx +Plus version to send text messages.  A Twilio account is required and customers select a phone number that each month for a private number that is used to send or send and receive text messages.  The cost to add Twilio for the Plus version is $1.00 per month, plus .0027 cents per text message.  That’s 100 text messages a total of 27 cents or 1000 for $2.70!

Click the Link Below to Download Excel Templates

If you are currently using a database or spreadsteet programh such as Excel, these empty template will allow  you to copy and paste your student’s data from the files you are currently using and upload them directly into PT OfficeWorx with a single click!  If you are not currently using any type of computer program, you can enter your student’s data manually directly into PT OfficeWorx or into the Excel templates for a single-click upload.   Click the link below to download the templates to your computer:


Click the Link Below to Download Your Free 15-Day Trial of Pt OfficeWorx

Download Free 15-Day Trial of PT OfficeWorx