Concert & Marching Band Performances

Mr. Davis will meet with the conductor to discuss the targeted objectives for the group or student. The director should send over a brief description of his observations and the music being played so Mr. Davis will have an idea of what he will be working with. The student or ensemble will perform the entire piece, then Benny Davis will give recommendations on the musicians’ styles and techniques and also how to improve their skills.

For pricing, contact Benny Davis for details.

DeSoto West Jr. High School Band

1987 – 1998

Gallant 7th
John Philip Sousa

Rhapsody On The Minstrel Boy

Die Regimentskinder

Rockwall Heath High School

2005 – 2013

Rockwall Heath High School

Marching Band Shows

Year One: Grades 9-10
Approximately 80 Students

Year 2: Grades 9 – 11
100-124 Students

Grades 9-12
Approximately 175 Students