Concert Band Consulting:

Mr. Davis will come to the school during the band class to hear the group where he will either listen to them play a portion of their program and then work with them himself or the director will remain on the podium and he will make comments and suggestions from the floor. This is all dependent on what the director feels most comfortable with. Benny will ask the director several days prior to the clinic to send him a list of what he is working on, his goals, his perceived problems, a recording of a rehearsal if possible so he can walk in the door knowing what to expect and having a game plan to help. Mr. Davis will provide the director with a list of techniques to help with specific issues they are experiencing and will spend time with the director after the rehearsal to offer suggestions and feedback. Where he will also discuss daily drills that will strengthen the ensemble fundamentally as well as address issues that the group is dealing with. When he leaves, the director will have a suggested plan of action and a suggested daily drill that is specifically designed for the needs of his/her students. This also includes instructions and suggestions on how to raise the level of individual musicianship with his student performers. Cost is $100.00 per class.

Marching Band Consulting:

Mr. Davis will come to an on-campus or stadium rehearsal to work with the director and students. He will ask the director to send him a video of a rehearsal or a recent performance the week prior to the clinic so that he can get an idea of how the group is doing, where they are in the process of learning their show, an idea of the specific issues that they are dealing with so that when Mr. Davis arrives for the clinic, he walk in with ideas written out that are designed to help with their specific problems. Benny Davis will also ask the director to send along a list of concerns and goals that he/she has in regards to the marching show and their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Cost is $150.00 per standard rehearsal.

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One on One Consultation:

Benny Davis will ask the director to send him paragraphs or a list of questions that he/she needs insight into. Mr. Davis will visit for at least an hour or more if time permits, discuss the areas of concern and develop a plan, a direction to move in, specific goals, or possibly an “out of the box” ways to begin addressing the areas of concern. He would not necessarily pursue all of these as definite courses of action, but we would select the topics that are most important in addressing the director’s most significant issues. Cost is $100.00 per class.

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